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Guru Shri Kanhaiya Lal Sharma

IAS (retd). & Yoga Practitioner

We are divinely blessed to be guided by an accomplished Guru worthy of being worshiped, Reverend Shri. Kanhaiya Lal Sharma.
He was born in a spiritual family of highly evolved souls, his father Shri. Shaligram Sharma took over the mantle of being his spiritual Guru.
Since his early childhood, he expectedly blessed with the blessings and guidance of many highly evolved Gurus including, Swami Shivanand Ji of Divine Life Society Rishikesh, Swami Ram Kripalu Ji Maharaj, and scores of others.
As Gurudev says and the scriptures confirm - Yoga is not to be misunderstood as the renunciation of the world. Rather be in the world  but without it. A yogi is a good man, a friendly person, a philanthropic individual, and also an ideal citizen of his country and the world. A yogi is the best version of himself in every walk of life.
Gurudev's life is a living personification of the process of self-realization.
His professional achievements - a career journey navigating through Public Sector Organization (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation), The Indian Army and then through the topmost Rung of Indian Administrative Services (allotted to the State Cadre of Uttar Pradesh) wherein he was called upon to Head various Strategic, Sensitive and Prestigious assignments finally culminating into superannuation in the year 2000 ( the most coveted and the highest echelon of Bureaucracy). All along his professional journey he has maintained uninterrupted regular Sadhana (Daily Yogic Practice) and is a living example and proof that Yoga can transform an individual into the best version of his being. A karmyogi in the true sense of letter and spirit.
With his extensive knowledge, he has included select practices and has put in place a simplified but most potent and effective system of Yoga named as YogaStride.
The knowledge that comes from such an accomplished Spiritual Master (Guru) is not information that is gathered from books, but a vitality that is issuing from himself on account of his contact with Reality in his personal life. The KathoUpanished claims that no other hope is there: "gatir atra nasty - Na narenavarena prokta esa suvijneyo bahudha cintyamanah: ananya-prokte gatir atra nasty aniyan hy atarkyam anupramanat (1.2.8):" This cannot be known unless it is taught by a person who is ananya. Here ananya means a person who is non-separate'. Its antonym Anya means 'different' or 'separate'. Bhagavadgita also mentions about this word: || Ananyas cintayanto mam ye janah paryupasate, tesam nityabhiyuktanam yogaksemam vahamyaham || (B.G.9.22): "He who undividedly contemplates on Me." There is no hope for the student unless he is taught by one who is ananya, one who is non-different from that which he teaches.

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