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Pallavi Dwivedi

Certified Yoga Instructor

I am a working professional, a mom & a Kundalini Yoga practitioner for the past 12 years. I learned yoga from my Guru in India, who along, with the Kundalini yoga, taught me the path of being a karma yogi, a pathway of full confidence, where one has to perform all his/her duties without any involvement of ego, attachment, or expectation of reward. The straightforward path is yet complex to incorporate into practice and stay untouched with day-to-day activities.
With this goal to help people love their life and learn to enjoy every moment in their lives, I conduct mindful activities for children, seniors, and working professionals.
If you think likewise, connect with me together, we can change the world.


Abhinav Sharma

Yoga Instructor & Practitioner

Whether you’re looking for a new workout or simply want to consult with an experienced and professional Certified Nutritionist, Abhinav Sharma is our go-to person for all your wellness needs.

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